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“Our job in this lifetime is not to fit into some mold that others have determined is best for us. Our job is to find out who we already are – and become it.” – Steven Pressfield

Through the exploration of PURPOSE (“Who do I want to be?”) and MEANING (“What am I here to do?), the Life Design Catalyst (LDC) Program empowers students to actualize their potential and optimize their lives to become the best version of themselves, in order to utilize their gifts and talents in service to something bigger than themselves and make a positive contribution to the world. We help students answer the question, “What COULD I do with my life?” instead of “What SHOULD I do with my life?”

Life Design Catalyst Principles

  • Views the exploration of purpose and meaning as the foundation for student development and student success.
  • Learning focused on self-actualization (becoming the best version of yourself) and self-transcendence (utilizing your gifts and talents for something bigger than yourself).
  • Incorporates design thinking as a process in designing one’s life.
  • Guided by concept of self-expertise – that YOU are the expert on YOU.
  • Empowers students to take control of their lives through self-directed learning and self-created experiences.
  • Integrates the development of the entrepreneurial spirit – a true passion and deep commitment to create meaning, taking calculated risks to design a better life and a better future.
  • Coaching for meaningful conversations AND personal transformation vs. coaching for performance. LDC Coaching is content-based process.
  • Better character = Better people => Better people = Better students.

Life Design Catalyst Motto

  • Find Your Place in the World. Today.

Life Design Catalyst Manifesto

Want to learn what drives Life Design Catalyst Coaches?  Check out the Life Design Catalyst Manifesto video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQH0ZNRTmQY

Or, read the words below:

This is your life. Own it.
At the start of each day, ask yourself: “What do I need to do to give a great day today?”
Don’t let your past define you; recognize it, accept it and move on from it.
Take 100% personal responsibility for all choices, actions, and decision you make. Every day.
Seek to find who you want to be and what you are here to do. Find YOUR “Why.
Let exploration, imagination, creativity and play fuel your curiosity.
When an idea inspires you and fires you up, don’t wait. Act on it right away.
Be the most helpful person you know by sharing your gifts with the world.
Create a compelling, inspiring vision for your future. Then, go do it.
Life’s greatest moments reside in the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
For each moment, choose whether you want to move forward into growth or backward into safety.
Don’t be afraid to fail; see it as a life lesson, telling you to move in a different direction.
Success doesn’t happen without passion and deliberate practice. Perseverance is key.
Challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone; it’s the only way you’ll grow.
Be willing to ask for help; don’t feel like you have to tackle this journey alone.
Connect with people who will support you, help you grow, and, every once in a while, kick you in the butt.
Know yourself intimately. Live with authenticity and integrity. Become the best version of yourself.
Essential disciplines to thrive: move your body, ease your mind, embrace your health.
Always Love – love your work, love your people, and love yourself.
Find a way to connect with your beautiful and worthy self. Allow yourself to be seen.
At the end of the day, ask yourself: “Did I add value today?”
Write Your Story. Be Your Hero.

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