Notice: We have reach our limit of participants for this Training; we will no longer be accepting online and paper registration forms.

11th Life Design Catalyst Coach Training Program

Tuesday-Friday, May 14-17, 2019

University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Life Design Catalyst Coaches


Registration Information

Training Promotional Materials: 


Notice: We have reach our limit of participants for this Training; we will no longer be accepting online and paper registration forms.


Hotel – Drury Inn, Greensboro, NC:

Hotel includes free hot breakfast and free hot dinner and two free drinks. Hotel is $99 per night plus tax. Staying at hotel is always a treat! (P.S. You never know when there might be a Cook Out or Sonic milkshake run!).  Themed movie nights (on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) are also at the hotel.  Deadline date for hotel room at this price: April 22, 2019

Additional Travel Information:

  • Closet Airport: Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)
  • Shuttle Service: Life Design Catalyst Coaching Team Members – if flying into Greensboro (Uber is also an option)
  • Additional Suggestions:
    • Fly in Monday (and if staying at Drury Inn, before free dinner and drinks between 5:30-7:30pm).
    • Best to leave on Saturday morning for additional discussions and to take advantage of awesome group dinner at Ichiban Supreme (Chinese) Buffet Restaurant on Friday night!

Tentative Daily Schedule (Always subject to change!):

  • Morning Session – 8:30am to 12:00pm
  • Lunch – 12:00-1:00pm
  • Afternoon Session – 1:00pm to 4:30pm
  • Topics (SPARCK – see below)
    • Tuesday – Coaching Activities
    • Wednesday – Story/Purpose Activities
    • Thursday – Purpose/Aspirations Activities
    • Friday – Aspirations/Connection/Kick-Start Activities
    • Reflection and Connection Experiences throughout the 4 days.

Training Evaluations:

Life Design Catalyst Manifesto Video

Group pictures and a listing of previous participating institutions and organizations:

Training Promotional Video

About the Training

What is the Life Design Catalyst Program?  The Program moves students away from the question, “What SHOULD I do with my life?” (“Tell me what I should do…”) and toward “What COULD I do with my life?” (“Help me explore my options…”).  Through the exploration of PURPOSE (“Who do I want to be?”) and MEANING (“What am I here to do?”), The Life Design Catalyst Program empowers students to optimize their lives to become the best version of themselves and to utilize their gifts and talents in service to something bigger than themselves. We are transforming students’ lives by “awakening meaningful change” WHILE increasing their chances of staying in and graduating from college!  Become a trained Catalyst Coach to serve others on your campus and in your community!

As a participant in this highly experiential workshop, you will be deeply engaged in SPARCK activities and conversations that:

  • defines your “Story,”
  • explores your “Purpose,”
  • identifies your “Aspirations,”
  • engages in deep “Reflection,”
  • develops meaningful “Connections,” and
  • encourages a “Kick-Start” to your life.

Find the SPARCK that lights the fire inside yourself and in each of your students and/or clients! Participants will leave with a plan for life, as well as a host of coaching tools, specifically focused on self-exploration and self-assessment.  These tools have been use to help students implement effective plans for life, based on purpose and vision.

You will be able to integrate the work in this training IMMEDIATELY, since you will engage in many of the activities each day.  You will also stay connected with a group of life design catalysts and purpose and vision navigators, all whom have an interest in changing how we work with students – in a much deeper and engaging way!

The Life Design Catalyst Program has been found to:

  • improve retention and graduation rates.
  • help students clarify their choice of major and make that change sooner.
  • have students more engaged within and outside of the classroom.
  • identify experiences opportunities based on their meaningful work statement.
  • create a life that matters.

If you’d like to be a part of this magical experience, complete the registration fordesignyourlife1m and send your payment of $399 as soon as possible, since the workshop is limited to the first 50 participants. Don’t delay, register today!  Although the registration deadline is May May 8, 2018, make sure to reserve your spot NOW so you don’t miss out on this incredibly rewarding experience!  And if you don’t believe me, read the testimonials below!

What could I do with my life?  What am I here to do?  How do I want to serve others with purpose?  Come to this training to find the answers!

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact Bill Johnson at (preferred) or 336-207-6795.


  • “I showed up to the workshop feeling like I was walking in a pitch black desert all alone. Leaving today, I feel like my spirit has been resurrected into the light.  It’s incredible knowing I now have a tribe to stay connected with.” – Gennaro Ringley, Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • “I came here to learn how to work with my students more effectively.  I wound up learning more about myself in the process and I’m forever changed!” – Jennifer Gatlin, Academic Advisor, University of Oklahoma
  • “The Life Design Catalyst Training Program was an emotional rollercoaster in the absolute best way possible. I came away with renewed passion for my path. I am ready for what’s next and immensely grateful for this opportunity. I have (and my students soon will) benefited greatly!” – Jordan Bullington, Assistant Director, Passport Program Coordinator, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • “Personally and professionally this training has helped me solidify what my purpose is and how to make sure I am living every day with my purpose in mind.” – Catherine Iszard, Undergraduate Student, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • “This workshop will be a great addition to my toolbox. I can’t wait to guide my own students.” – Salli Hamilton, Assistant Dean for Student Success and Director of Advising, Shenandoah University (VA)
  • “The most meaningful professional development I have ever experienced in my twenty-plus years in higher education. This training cut to the core of how we can best help students find their purpose for attending college and inspiring them to define meaningful work in and beyond the classroom.” – Terri Rodriguez, Quinsigamond Community College, Worcester, MA
  • “I enjoyed the content, interaction, and people. It requires a lot of social interaction and self-reflection, and it can be mental draining. Still, it is enjoyable, stimulating, and worthwhile too. I would not change a thing! I appreciated the hands-on nature of the training and the opportunity to interact with Bill, Megan, and all of the participants. Stay at the hotel, eat with everyone else, watch the movies, and go to Cookout. The conversations outside of the “classroom” training are just as important. It was one of the best professional development experiences I have had.” – Dr. Todd Parks, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Academic Support Services and First-Year Programs
  • “Great, scary, insightful, and revealing. I am so happy I came and met a bunch of like-minded people.” – Frank Benefield, Transition Coach, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  • “The Life Design Catalyst Coach Training helped me refine, pull together, and become intentional about my meaningful work.” – Terry A Jones, Academic Advisor and Author
  • “These trainings are truly life-changing experiences if you allow them to be. Eat the apple, drink the kool-aid, and take small steps every day!” – Megan Delph, Assistant Director, Residence Life, UNCG
  • “This training has changed my life. It scares the crap out of me, but makes me feel alive, hopeful and reinvigorated. Even if some things have changed, it gives me the chance to be introspective and check the congruence of my purpose and how I’m living my life.” – Jana Fryman, Living Learning Communities, Program Coordinator, Housing & Residence Life, George Mason University (VA)
  • “This work has ignited my own vision and passion by helping me clarify my own values and purpose. Helping students find their vision and passion is all the motivation they need to pursue their life dreams. – Denise Dufek, Faculty/Academic Coach, Bay de Noc College (MI)
  • “It’s been sooooooo wonderful to be here! Oh my goodness what a remarkable learning experience. Thank you so much for your guidance and energy. It’s contagious and I am thrilled to articulate my biggest dream!! My list of “I want to…” or “Someday I will…” kinds of items goes back YEARS and is LONG. In two short and super fun days you’ve provided a solid framework and space for me to sort out the tangled notions rolling around in my head, put them down on paper, and make sense of them. This is the first time I’ve left a workshop feeling not only that I want to take action and even know what that action is but that I CAN and I WILL. Like. Now. NOW. What will day three bring?! I can hardly wait! I’m eternally grateful!! I thank you. The world thanks you.” – Kara Danner, Living Learning Community Development Director, University Life, George Mason University (VA)
  • “The purpose and vision training program facilitated by Bill Johnson was one of the most fulfillinglifedesign1 training programs I have ever attended. It is revolutionary and will transform higher education. The Life Design Training Program will catapult you into your destiny!” – Valerie Johnson, College Choir Conductor, Professor of Music, Bennett College (NC)
  • “If you are truly open and vulnerable, this workshop will revolutionize the way you think about life, education, and careers. You will discover not only what you’re called to do, but also inspire others to do the same.” – Remi Olagoke, UNCG Undergraduate Student
  • “The purpose and vision navigator workshop should be REQUIRED for every person who works with students, especially on the high school and college level. Definitely should be required for student advisors and high school counselors. This training also benefits the participants personally in what we need to change in our lives.” – Pat Levitin, UNCG Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions and DCL Project, Enrollment Management
  • “This was the most helpful training for my personal and professional self. I found my purpose and re-flamed my passions. Thank you Bill.” – Dale Hatcher, undergraduate student, UNCG
  • “A great training to not only give you resources to use with students but to also clarify your own life purpose.” – Barbara Boyette, Guilford College (NC)
  • “I cannot wait to bring this information back to campus rec. We are one of the largest employers of students on campus; we should be impacting these students! Training is not only on the job training, it needs to become all encompassing, including helping students get on their right path. Thank you so much for this opportunity, I cannot believe how ROCKED my world was in just 3 days.” – Alex Stanczak, Assistant Director, Outdoor Adventures, UNCG
  • “I’m not really “into” (or care for) activities about “role-playing” or “self-discovery,” as I feel it too threatening to share personal-type information. However, this workshop was presented/done in a way (non-structured, baby steps, and active) that it didn’t feel as a threatening to me. Also – don’t be afraid to do something for yourself…participate in this workshop.” – Joy Pettit, Central Wyoming College Gear-Up Wyoming Curriculum Coordinator
  • “Amazingly uplifting and enlightening, no matter what stage you are in this journey called life! You will take home tools to use immediately!” – Tami Shultz, Central Wyoming College Gear-Up Wyoming Project Director
  • “After this experience, I will never be the same. Feel empowered to own my truth and pursue it passionately.” – Eve Hudson, Shaw University (NC)
  • “I came to the training to get some strategies to better communicate with my students, but the skills learned will be very helpful in getting students more actively involved in the classroom and in our campus community. I plan to use several of the projects in multiple classes and may eventually develop a new course that would model this one. I enjoyed meeting so many like minds, getting great ideas, and feeling a sense of confirmation. Bill Johnson is great! This needs to be shared with faculty, youth workers, anyone who wants to help others figure out the why – or reaffirm it!” – Dr. Kim Q.B. Leathers, Director, The Honors College, Shaw University (NC)
  • “This training has given me the tools that I can use to make my vision effective. I would love to share the ups and downs of my journey with others.” – Anna Poteat, Undergraduate Geography Major, UNCG
  • “This workshop is a must. The purpose work done is applicable for all walks of life. Bill’s ability to connect with students is uncanny and he has definitely changed my life.” – Joe Dousharm, Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies Major, UNCG
  • “I really didn’t know what to expect from this training, but I am really glad that I was able to attend! I am looking forward to sharing these ideas with our first-generation/low-income students. I am excited to be able to help these students learn more about themselves and be able to make decisions about their future using their values, interests, and dreams!” – Cindy Lopez Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • “Not only has this training energized me to pursue my dreams and purpose, but it has also equipped me to better serve, motivate and inspire those that I encounter on a daily basis.” – Drenda Jackson, Academic Coach, Savannah State University
  • “This has been so valuable – the resources, information, energy, and the like-minded fellow travelers!  Bill has put years of research, knowledge, practice, and experience into this program – and it works!” – Lori Ghosal, Career Identity Coach, North Carolina State University
  • “I am thankful for the training for myself, but also for what it has meant to my daughter and will mean in the future.” – Merit Wolff, Parent of UNCG Student

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