Resources for Presentations

November 30, 2017: Life Design Catalyst Workshop (University College: North Carolina Central University)

October 13, 2017: Revolutionizing Academic Advising and Coaching with Life Design in Mind (2017 NACADA National Conference)

September 29-30, 2017: Find Your Why – Meaningful Work, Meaningful Future, Meaningful Life (Paradise Valley Community College)

August 8, 2017: Find Your Why – Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life (University of North Carolina at Wilmington)

August 4-5, 2017: Renew and Recharge – Redesign a Life You’ll Love

April 19-21, 2017: NACADA Region 3 Conference

February 21 and 28, 2017 and March 3, 2017: UNCG Graduate School Workshops – Graduate School with Soul: Find Your Why, Find Your Way

February 2017: First Year Experience National Conference, Atlanta, Georgia

February 2017: University of Missouri-Columbia

Day 1: Find Your Why, Find Your Way: Reinventing Academic Advising for an Optimal Life

Day 2: Designing Your Life Course Design

Last updated: April 19, 2017